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Roofingreen Dbase

Roofingreen Dbase

Building on the experience of the LEAF model, the Dbase system expands the compositional and material possibilities to ceramic tile finishes.

The current drive to take full advantage of outdoor spaces is solved by Roofingreen through a completely innovative concept.

This innovative solution expands our range of modular systems, offering not only the beauty of grass, but also a cutting-edge alternative to the traditional 2cm ceramic tiles commonly used in outdoor architecture.


Roofingreen Dbase


The Dbase system is a low-thickness draining, modular base, capable of accommodating different ceramic textures and formats, complementary to the LEAF system. Furthermore, it guarantees the characteristics of load resistance and perfect drainage typical of Roofingreen systems.

The modularity thus assumes not only a value in terms of logistical practicality, but becomes an element of the project in its own right. On the common platform, therefore, ample possibilities of layout, variations, path identification and multiple functionalities are available to the imagination of the designer.

Roofingreen Dbase


Dbase is a system that allows great optimizations from the logistic point of view, with weights and thicknesses clearly contained for better handling and installation on site. It reduces installation time and costs and offers different textures and formats to suit different design and architecture requirements.

The use of light and recyclable materials helps to reduce energy consumption in production and overall emissions, improving the environmental sustainability of the product.

Dbase is therefore an innovative and sustainable solution for the creation of outdoor ceramic surfaces, with numerous advantages both in terms of performance and environmental impact.

Roofingreen DbaseRoofingreen DbaseRoofingreen Dbase

Photo Dbase


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  • Low thickness
  • Perfect drainage
  • Different textures and sizes
  • Material recyclability
  • On-site ease of handling and logistics optimisation
  • Reduction of energy consumption and overall emissions
  • Reduced environmental impactRoofingreen Dbase
roofingreen Dbase
Roofingreen dbase
roofingreen dbase
Roofingreen dbase