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About us


Roofingreen was founded in Turin by a team specialized in architecture, landscaping and construction.
We are designers who keep a close eye on market requirements and provide solutions that combine simplicity, creativity and technological innovation.

The Green Generation

One of the focal points in Roofingreen’s philosophy and mission is attention to eco-sustainability. We have been, and will continue to be committed to propose technologically advanced modular systems with full attention to environmental and economic sustainability.


roofingreen spirito green

Absolutely Italian

The Made in Italy approach is another constant in our strategy; we develop and export our excellence in design and technological innovation.


roofingreen assolutamente italiani

Always looking to the future

The exploration of advanced solutions is a driving force in our daily operations and allows us to offer solutions that meet the needs of designers and clients.


roofingreen sguardo al futuro

Continuous quality control

Our working relationships with important R&D labs ensure the availability of consistently high quality materials.


roofingreen controllo qualità