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Roofingreen Dbase

Roofingreen Dbase

One base, multiple finishes

Roofingreen expands its product range with the revolutionary Dbase flooring solution.

A floating floor system designed to satisfy the contemporary requirements of outdoor environments.

With the introduction of the Dbase system, two prestigious partnerships are launched:

  • Roofingreen Dbase Ceramic by FLORIM
  • Roofingreen Dbase Rug by Karpeta

Dbase Ceramic by Florim


Thanks to the partnership with Florim - Italian excellence in production of porcelain tiles and recognized worldwide as an ambassador of Italian lifestyle - we created Dbase Ceramic by Florim.

An innovative solution to create outdoor ceramic surfaces with porcelain stoneware tiles of just 9 mm thickness.


Dbase Ceramic by FlorimDbase Ceramic by Florim

Florim stoneware tiles become a prestigious design element of the Dbase Ceramic system with just 2.8 cm overall thickness.

A cutting-edge alternative to traditional 2 cm ceramic tiles commonly used in outdoor architecture.



Dbase Ceramic by Florim


Dbase Ceramic by Florim provides:

  • low thickness - just 2,8 cm total system
  • dry installation, easy to cut and perfect drainage
  • optimized logistics with low weights and thicknesses for better handling and laying on-site
  • reduced installation time and costs 
  • different textures and formats
  • continuous passage of electrical cables
  • easy to remove - for possible maintenance of the layers below
Dbase Ceramic by Florim

Product sustainability

The product's environmental sustainability can be improved by using recyclable materials that reduce energy consumption and overall emissions.


Roofingreen Dbase Rug ⬇

Photo Dbase ceramic


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Dbase Rug by Karpeta

Dbase Rug by Karpeta

Roofingreen Dbase Rug by Karpeta is the first flush-to-floor outdoor carpet system on a modular basis. 

The fabrics, which are specially designed for outdoor use, come in a wide range of textures and colours, and the modular Dbase, which is low-thickness and draining, can be used to define spaces, create paths, and reproduce logos or custom designs.

Soft, clean and acoustically pleasant paths

The rug, fixed with magnets on the modular base,  provides to create integrated paths on the adjacent pavement in just 2.5 cm thickness.

Dbase Rug is the ideal flooring system for dedicated spaces in the hotel, residential and contract segments.

Dbase Rug by Karpeta


  • Flatness: the perfect levelling with the surrounding pavements avoids unpleasant tripping
  • Drainage: the modular base ensures perfect drainage and avoids water stagnation
  • Removable: the rugs are fixed by a magnet to the base and therefore easily removable for washing
  • Smart: the raised base allows continuous passage of electricity cables, irrigation, cooling or fragrance ducts


The modular Dbase outdoor system is designed to enhance any architectural context with functionality, aesthetics, and versatility. 

Roofingreen Dbase
Dbase RugDbase Ceramic
roofingreen dbase