Roofingreen x Sacco Group. Urban planning in Turin is green

― 07 December 2021
Roofingreen x Sacco Gruppo

Redevelopment of the existing building stock and sustainable approach. These are the cornerstones of green urban planning. What is the goal? On one hand, coping with the constant evolution of living needs; on the other hand, reducing CO2 emissions and pushing towards renewable energy sources.

Roofingreen is one of Sacco Group’s partner companies for Challant 17 and Hangar Loft real estate projects. They are innovative solutions which rewrite the concept of livability in the elegant setting of the Savoy capital.

Challant 17: Gardens and Terraces with house around them

Challant 17 project reinterprets the very idea of “open space” through the redevelopment of former industrial buildings. The goal is to exploit outdoor appliances as much as possible, in order to respond to the post-pandemic need for external environments.

The 8 residential units provided for by the initiative are divided into two housing types, lofts and townhouses. There are terraces and private gardens in both cases, real urban retreats dedicated to relaxation and otium.

Hangar Loft: Sharing Shape & Service

Hangar Loft is a real estate initiative that gives great importance to the concept of smart home in all its facets, starting with the recovery of a commercial building.

Safety, climate comfort and eco-sustainability are the solid foundations on which the project is based. It uses the outdoors as "free zones" dedicated to leisure and aggregation, in the spirit of free movement. A reinterpretation of the traditional home, based on new social needs and increasingly "committed" to the fight against energy waste and environmental protection.

The partnership with Roofingreen

The external flooring of terraces and courtyards is provided by Roofingreen for both initiatives in view of a complete energy efficiency of buildings - energy class A. This consolidated partnership with Sacco Group is motivated by the sharing of common values, starting with the attention to green issues.

Among the numerous advantages of the Roofingreen modular system there are the low maintenance, the reduced water consumption and the reusability. Also, the walking comfort and the natural feeling of the grass, which help make our hi-tech surface the ideal one for a place to relax and leisure.

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