RO Plastic Prize 2021 - when plastic is guiltless - Roofingren & Rossana Orlandi

― 01 September 2021
RO Plastic Prize 2021 - quando la plastica è guiltless - Roofingren & Rossana Orlandi

"Our goal is to encourage recycling and stimulate innovation. My invitation is to think about the future and be more responsible in what we do. Waste is value".

Words by Rossana Orlandi, a pioneer of plastic re-using who, with her Milanese gallery, contributes to sensitize the community of artists and designers on the potential offered by this revolutionary material.

The Ro Plastic Prize was born in this context. It is an international contest focused on the theme of “Guiltless plastic” experienced as a resource, without guilt.

Roofingreen, thanks to the centrality of the sustainability theme and the attention to the concepts of recycling and reuse of plastic, will be a guest of Rossana Orlandi on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2021.

Our green module will in fact be present with an installation in the evocative context of the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci, headquarters of Prize, together with other leading companies in the sector that have made the reuse and sustainability of plastic the fulcrum of own research. 

In this way, Re-using, recycling and upcycling enter fully into the world of design and reinvent the very concept of contemporary art, even in its most concrete applications.

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