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Green roofs and terraces made with Roofingreen modules in the future of Monte Carlo

Green Roofs MonteCarloTimes

"Let's imagine for a moment that many terraces, roofs of buildings and skyscrapers of Monte Carlo, as the Millefiori, the latest Torre Odeon, rather than the space in front of the elegant Yacht Club, were suddenly covered by an amazing green mantle"

This is the vision which opens this article, signed by Mariasole Ferrero for MonteCarloTimes magazine. The buildings facades, by their nature, are the main focus of designers' compositional efforts. But it’s equally true that cities like Monte Carlo, even more than others, need a particular attention to the aesthetic quality of the buildings' rooftops.

Let's redevelop buildings from an aesthetical and energetic point of view, starting from an aerial view of the city.

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