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Green roofs and hanging gardens on the rooftop of factories

We are in Turin, on the rooftop of an industrial building. Not just a terrace but a real roof garden, designed to be a meeting place and a relaxing corner for those who work in the company.

This is the idea of the Codebò lifts management team, together with the architects of Negozio Blu, who have chosen Roofingreen to create this urban garden in the city.

Definitely a choice dictated by aesthetic reasons, in line with the design and the attention to detail with which the building has been designed, but also a choice wanted for structural and environmental sustainability reasons.

Roofingreen's weight is 15 kg per square meter, and its light weight is good to balance the heaviness of the cultivated part of the garden; a solution that doesn't stress the structures and at the same time is good for the energy savings of the building and it's perfect to create a natural regulation of the internal temperature.

The urban garden and the green roofs are an increasingly used way to renovate industrial buildings and, as you can see from this example, it can lead to results of great aesthetic impact, with zero impact on the environment.

See more pictures in our showcase.

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