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Biophilic design: building homes and spaces "Inspired by Nature"

Biophilic design

Post corona-virus, cities around the world recognize the importance of providing urban habitats that can promote biodiversity and design environments sensitive to the concept of biophilia.


Biophilia is the natural tendency, derived from the anthropological background of any person, to make for frequent connections with nature. In this sense, the creation of green spaces plays an essential role in the psychological well-being of people living in enclosed spaces. The combination of natural and artificial green appears essential in contemporary design. We need to create welcoming spaces that can have a positive impact on cognitive performance and emotions by facilitating the reduction of individual stress.


The Roofingreen system becomes a constructive element aligned with natural green features elements. The best combination for a contemporary design solutions in tune with the concept of biophilia, where natural and artificial elements are intertwined enhancing their respective virtues.


Biodiversity in urban areas (e.g. colors, perfumes) will be provided by plants, trees and flowers. While the paths, walkways and outdoor areas can be solved by the modular Roofingreen system; the sustainable green with low maintenance and reduced water consumption.

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